After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

Since launch, STC has always taken the after-sales service as an important guarantee for the improvement of integrated services. The after-sales service team of STC perennially works on site to provide immediate diagnoses and treatment solutions for different on-site problems, or to develop consummate and reasonable maintenance solutions.

As for strategic partners and regular customers, STC constantly offers products, semi-manufactured products and spare parts inventories to meet customer demands in time. Meanwhile, STC adopts advanced business management systems such as ERP in order to provide our customers with not only satisfactory services, but also products of lower prices but more convenience. With quick responses and specialized services, we devote our efforts to being your trust partner.

After-sales Services include:

(1)Quick response to service demands (within 24 hours in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghaiarea, within 48 hours nationwide);

(2)Field diagnosis and analysis: for non-hardware problems, solving on site; for hardware problems, determining solutions and delivery time on site.

Spare Parts Services include:

(1)Providing original products according to customer requirements, delivering the goods in time, guaranteeing the normal operation of equipment;

(2)Providing product replacement solutions in order to help customers with cost reduction;

(3)Assisting customers in reasonable spare parts inventory, based on the status of equipment / operating condition / service life of components;

(4)Undertaking aportion of spare parts inventory in order to reduce the operating cost of customers;

(5)Establishing spare parts inventory centre and providing contract customers with spare parts zero inventory service;

(6)Providing original product warranties and certificates of origin;

(7)Providing quality guarantee and corresponding maintenance service.